How To Trace Any Person With Phone Number ?

Hello welcome, today i will tell you about that How To Trace Any Person With Phone Number ? This Digital Spy technique will help you to gather information from internet. Actually i am going to share information about a OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tool which can help you to gather information from Phone Number, Email or Images etc. You can gather information about Websites, Domains, Emails, Unknown Persons, Terrorist, Company Employs and much more. so read this article for more information.

How To Trace Any Person With Phone Number

What Is Maltego (OSINT)?

According to Wikipedia - Maltego is proprietary software used for open-source intelligence and forensics, developed by Paterva. Maltego focuses on providing a library of transforms for discovery of data from open sources, and visualizing that information in a graph format, suitable for link analysis and data mining.
Maltego permits creating custom entities, allowing it to represent any type of information in addition to the basic entity types which are part of the software. The basic focus of the application is analyzing real-world relationships (social networks and computer network nodes) between people, groups, Webpages, domains, networks, internet infrastructure, and affiliations with online services such as Twitter and Facebook. Among its data sources are DNS records, whois records, search engines, online social networks, various APIs and various meta data. It is used by security researchers and private investigators.

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How To Gather Information With Maltego ?

Step#1. First of all download and open the Maltego software. You can download this software on Windows, Mac Os and Linux. You Don't need to download this on Kali Linux it will get already installed on this Distro. It will take few time to open on your system. Then you need to create an account on this. You can use Temporary Emails for create an account. After that login into Maltego.
How To Trace Any Person With Phone Number (Maltego)

Step#2. After login into this software you can see many Software modules. Some free Modules you can download it easily but some are paid. After that first thing you need to setup here that is API. Without setup API key it will not work and it can not give you output results.

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Step#3. You can search on google and find API key according to your need. It is not any hard thing to setup API key. After that open New Graph to perform Maltego.

Step#4. Now in the left side you can see some tools list on Entity Palette Section. Here is many types of tools to perform and gather the information. If you want to gather information about any person then simply drag the person module and drop on the graph. Now double click on the graph and enter the person name and click on All Transforms or you can choose option to your according.

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Step#5. If you want to gather information from social media then you need to login with your account. It will Gather information from all social media platforms.
How To Trace Any Person With Phone Number (Maltego)

Step#6. You can find any person or company details from Email Address. Then Drag Email Module from Entity Pallet and drop on the graph.
How To Trace Any Person With Phone Number (Maltego)

Conclusion- so guy this this method is very helpful for information gathering. you can find a lot of information. Remember you need to take permission to use this software. Don't use this software for illegal purpose. Don't try this on anyone they keeps eyes on your every activities. This Article is only for Educational so i cant share Full Working Process with you. hope so you like this article.


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