What Is Silent SMS ? How To Hack Anyone's GPS Location By Sending SMS

Silent SMS, Ping SMS, Flash SMS

The Silent SMS, also called Flash SMS /PING SMS/ Type-0 SMS allowing the user to send a message to another mobile phone without the knowledge of the recipient. The message is rejected by the recipient mobile and leaves no trace.

Silent SMS were initially meant to allow operators to acknowledge whether a mobile phone was switched on and test the Network without advising the user. However, they have proven useful for tracking down of suspects by Police in several countries.

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Silent SMS allow the precise location of a mobile phone by using the GSM Network. We can locate a user by identifying the three antennas closest to his then triangulating the distance according to the speed it takes for a signal to make a return trip. A mobile phone updates its presence on the on the person moves, the information is not updated immediately. By sending a Silent SMS, the location of the mobile is instantly updated. This dis very useful because it allows you to locate someone at a given time depending on the airwaves.

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Conclusion- so guy this this method is very helpful for information gathering and tracking someone. you can find a lot of information. Don't use this  for illegal purpose. Don't try this on anyone they keeps eyes on your every activities. This Article is only for Educational so i cant share Full Working Process with you. hope so you like this article.

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